Freelance ELT and CLIL expert with extensive experience in teaching, leading teacher training sessions, developing educational resources and professional development courses for leading companies around the world.

Areas of expertise:

  • Conference presentations
  • English Language Teaching
  • Consultancy work at schools
  • Materials development for ELT and CLIL publications
  • ELT and CLIL teacher training
  • Educational videos
  • Development of training materials for ELT and CLIL training programs

Active, creative, responsible, organized, hard-working and always ready to take on new challenges.


February 8, 2016

"Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) is next Tuesday, February 9th. Find out more!"

"Pancake Day, also known as Shrove Tuesday, will be celebrated on February 9th in 2016. The date for this event changes every year, as it is determined by when Easter falls, but it is always celebrated at some point in February and March. "


Honestly, we all are honoured to have you as our coach, collaborating with SAFA. We are so lucky... Your teaching was fantastic and the ideas we can get from it, too.

Abraham, Sevilla